Consequences Of Cutting Someone To Ribbons

The Moon in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, creating a grand trine in fire today. There's a lot of potential with this. Expect a fun day ahead.  

For best results, think in terms of flowing creativity that results in something real and tangible. For example, you might start on a painting in the morning. End of the day, you have something real.

Venus, Mercury and Jupiter support each other well.  This combination suggests something similar:  success, with some degree of planning and effort.

The only thing to warn you about is Mars in Libra still squaring Mercury in Capricorn. If you're opening your mouth at this time to have knives fly out, you're probably best off to keep it shut.  

Remember, some people have long memories when cut to ribbons. Expecting to be forgiven after you stick a knife in someone may not be realistic.