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ARIES 2016 Horoscope (March 22 TO April 20)
2016 looks like an eventful year where many new events, people and opportunities will come your way. These ensure that you are made aware of many of your hidden talents and what you are capable of accomplishing. As you behold a new horizon, it will be good if you can give a closure to pending projects, debts, obligations and move on. You may not like the change happening around you, but this time you don’t really have an option but to be a fence sitter. Trying to stick to the status quo will attract destructive individuals and frustration. Therefore, use opportunities and surge ahead. Don’t expect grand results at once, but this is the time to set the ball rolling. Excessive focus on work may keep you from paying due attention to loved ones. Be patient, caring and stay away from impulsive decision making in relationships.

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 TAURUS 2016 Horoscope (April 21 to May 21)
There is a definite shift in your attitude this year. You may suddenly grow frantic as well as impatient in the face of opportunities you see. Don’t be afraid that they are slipping by. Instead, you are only getting a glimpse of the possible chances that could come your way. Wind up the old, loose ends and plan elaborately for the new, bolder, visionary things you are now conceptualising. You will have to concentrate on your duties and carry them out, irrespective of the fact that you receive acknowledgement for them or not. With time and consistent effort, you will! Understand the difference between desires and ground reality. The more you remain focused, the better you’ll perform. Health will need to be taken care of.

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 GEMINI 2016 Horoscope (May 22 to June 21)
You may be at your creative best in this phase and a barrage of ideas come seamlessly to you. The challenge here will be to separate grain from chaff. Consider feasibility and practicality before setting an idea into motion. The other big lesson for you in this phase is about tempering extreme enthusiasm with a bit of focus. You will need to learn that you must analyse your ideas in the light of objectives and resources available, before making any big noise. This will save you from losing face in front of people. You will also need to organise your day and discipline your mind for achieving better results. In personal relationships, you need to keep a balanced head on your shoulders. Being emotional does not require you to display your extreme emotions. Maintain dignity and work towards a long-term image of strength. Also, don’t exhaust yourself completely even if you have bursts of inspiration at work. Conserve your energy.

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 CANCER 2016 Horoscope (June 22 to July 23)
The coming year will be full of subtle challenges. It is of utmost importance that you simplify and straighten out your relationships this year. It means that you give priority to your emotional well-being and stability. Once this has been handled well, other challenges in life can be handled with greater proficiency. The key to face challenges is to understand your concepts well and avoid controlling events or outcomes. Your efforts and actions may be judged, but that’s the way it is. Just get used to the scrutiny and move on. Work pressures may intensify as the year progresses and it may affect the quality of interactions with loved ones. Make sure that you don’t commit to doing more than you can effectively handle at work. Some events may occur that disturb your equilibrium at work. The ideal way to deal with such issues is to work on problems as and when they arise and not wait until they snowball into bigger and complex issues. Some pleasant romantic turns in personal equations are not ruled out.

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 LEO 2016 Horoscope (July 24 to August 21)
The coming year will bring novelty into your life. But it will not do so without unsettling you and will eventually create restlessness in your life. You get adventurous and you also come up with many out-of-the-box ideas at work. At this juncture, you may be willing to take a risk, just to cut out the boredom. You may quietly go about making daring plans and seek out newer experiences to break away from the monotony of life. As far as work is concerned, assess your risks well before taking any concrete decisions. If you’ve worked hard towards a change in the past year and tried to transform a cherished dream into reality, only then will you experience success. Your existing responsibilities may weigh you down, as you grow eager for more freedom. Friction with spouse is not ruled out in case he/ she is averse to change. This could be a challenging time for your relationship. Be patient and receptive to advice from elders as a lot of good may come out of it.

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 VIRGO 2016 Horoscope (August 22 to September 21)
The year 2016 is seemingly a journey into understanding yourself better. The events of the last couple of years may have been nothing short of trial by fire, but they have certainly given you the opportunity to understand yourself better. You may have grappled with issues of self-esteem and self-worth. On the relationship front, you will experience a smooth ride. Therefore, you will be able to concentrate better on your priorities in life. Earning money not only means financial security but also carries much more significance in this phase. Financial gains are indicated through joint assets. You may engage in acts of charity. You tend to feel spiritual in this phase of life. You will cease to be known as an emotional person. You embrace a more practical outlook towards life and confront problems with ease.

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 LIBRA 2016 Horoscope (September 22 to October 23)
This year prods you out of the tendency to underplay your needs in order to keep others happy. You’ll work on your body image and personality. Carry on bravely with your efforts to create an impact in the professional arena. You’ll have to make sure that all your actions are carefully thought out and you won’t settle for less than what you deserve. You’ll have to be clear of what you want and ask for the same instead of expecting others to understand it. Your public image will receive a boost and your ideas and contributions will be well received by all. As far as personal relationships are concerned, you may meet and interact with people who may rock your boat and challenge your existing paradigms. Don’t be troubled if you have financial worries. Be prudent and prioritise in order to move forward at work. Interest in spirituality and occult may increase. It’s the right time to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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 SCORPIO 2016 Horoscope (October 24 to November 21)
In the year 2016, you break new ground. You do a few things that are very uncharacteristic of your sign. You may want to break free of certain traps and constraints – be it relationships or the kind of work you engage in. You are no longer willing to short-change your own expectations and may opt for sudden choices that promise you a lot of freedom and give you the option to understand yourself better. You’ll need to be patient and this will aid your evolution through a variety of situations. You’ll need to deal with many ground realities before you can give shape to your dreams. Co-operation and teamwork are keys to professional success this year. Involve people around you proactively in your work and engage them in significant tasks. Personal and intimate relationships may remain a bugbear with unresolved emotions overwhelming sound decision-making.

 SAGITTARIUS 2016 Horoscope (November 22 to December 21)
The New Year brings great promises in its wake but you’ll have to push yourself and drop off any unnecessary psychological complex, wrong notions or emotional baggage that you’ve carried for long. Discover yourself with new opportunities. You may choose to learn on the job from a senior or opt for a skill upgradation course. Gearing up to defend yourself and not improve will not help you professionally. Be optimistic and encourage people around you, leading by example. Let your brilliant work methods prove to be inspirational for people around you. You need to be more compassionate in order to relate better to people. If your equation with your spouse has hit rough weather, there’s a good chance in first half of the year to make a fresh, clean start once again. Finances will be good, but you’ll have to weed out unnecessary expenditure.

 CAPRICORN 2016 Horoscope (December 22 to January 20)
It may not be an easy ride this year. You are throw into situations where you may either evolve, adjust or perish. You may be wondering what’s taking such a great toll on your health and mind. Well, it is nothing but this forced need to learn some life lessons. There maybe some recalibrations in personal equations by mid-2016. Work pressure may increase and the success you taste this time may egg you on to walk just a little more. You may end up ignoring home and family and it may not seem a worthwhile act finally. Scale down your targets to realistic levels to avoid disappointments later. Relationships from the past can be rekindled. If you have hurt someone, you should make sincere apologies to mend those relationships. Spiritual practices may be incorporated into everyday life for healthier living. Personal relationships will either get a new lease of life or bomb for good.

 AQUARIUS 2016 Horoscope (January 21 to February 19)
The year 2016 may be a mixed year for your sign. Where, on one side you feel all the goodness around you has tempered your go-getter attitude, which had an edge of ruthlessness about it, there is another side where you feel there’s nothing more you desire than the comfort and security provided by your home. You have the ability to do good work but you’ll need to work hard to make your ideas work. You’ll have to measure them against reality too. Someone’s idealistic perspective may irritate you but will save you from many a legal issues and complications that may surface later. You are hot-tempered, especially at lack of efficiency on the part of subordinates or co-workers. It will be best to avoid getting angry, as accomplishing goals without their help will not be possible. Just gift yourself with some peace of mind. In personal relationships, be upfront and exact about what you expect from your partner rather than hoping for them to read your mind!

 PISCES 2016 Horoscope (February 20 to March 21)
After too many unsettling changes, 2016 will be more together for you. Your financial situation improves considerably. You may get a nice break or a lucrative offer. In any case, there will be at least one opportunity where you can make brilliant gains, which you are excited about. Don’t rely too much on validation and approval from others, either about your personality or about your work. Your tryst with spirituality acquires more depth and there’s a sharpness and refinement to your power of perception. As people are working under you, you’ll have to learn to delegate. If you trust them, they will trust you too. Little health problems will plague you year round. Yoga and meditation should help.

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