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As above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe, so the soul.

Astrology is an interdisciplinary study with many dimensions that offer opportunities for continuous reflection. There are lots of intellectual approaches to the subject and lots of mysteries that still surround it. When you get right down to it, it's like a universal heart beat. Astrology operates under the same principle as a drum across the plains or across a city park. It is a bridge that makes you stop and listen. It makes you stop and feel.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of declarations about the starry art. Astrology, with its astro beat, offers one way to get back in touch with natural rhythms.

Astrology is mysterious.

Astrology is paradoxical.

Astrology is complex.

Astrology is a sacred science.

Astrology involves aesthetic, psychological, poetic, and mythic dimensions.

Astrology is a means by which consciousness is enriched and transformed.

Astrology is a lens that shows a world behind a veil of appearances.

Astrology is a way to engage with the seasons and the length of the day.

Astrology supports the potential for personal growth and development.

Astrology gives keys to understanding.

Astrology resonates on both a personal and global level.

Astrology is symbolic, metaphorical, multivariant.

Astrology is a system that encourages awareness.

Astrology is a blueprint for consciousness.

Astrology engages the psyche, the soul.

Astrology works through the language of chaos.

Astrology is empowering.

Astrology speaks through imaginative language.

Astrology is unlimited.

Astrology looks at patterns.

Astrology is visionary.

Astrology is the oldest science.

Astrology is not causal, but organic.

Astrology integrates the field of meaning.

Astrology is transpersonal.

Astrology reflects inner with outer.

Astrology anticipates.

Astrology is nuanced.

Astrology is time oriented, process oriented.

Astrology is a divinatory tool that helps with decision-making.

Astrology represents the meridians of the soul.

Astrology is a study of motivation and drive.

Astrology is rooted in nature.

Astrology is a discipline that transforms through integration.

Astrology is a message from the sky.

Astrology frees the soul on the path.

With Astrology, there is mystery of manifestation

and there is always choice.

When these two intersect, there is

Also see: http://astrologyclub.org/guide/what-is-astrology/ from our section dedicated to the study of Astrology as a means of gaining better understanding.

Astrology is based on the premise that there is a correlation between the position and movement of the planets (the term includes here the Sun and Moon) and qualities and events on earth. Its origins predate recorded history and it has been found, in one form or another, in all major civilisations. Its status has risen and fallen over the centuries, depending on prevailing religious and scientific doctrine.

The latest fall from grace coincided with the rise of the Cartesian world-view with its reductionism, belief in scientific certainty and in a fundamental split between mind and body. Astrology's public mantle then fell mainly to fortune-telling entertainers, a development gravely detrimental to its credibility.

Early 20th century physicists discovered major flaws in Descartes' assumptions, forcing them to expand their world view to include the possibility of the interconnectedness of all life, consciousness and the mystics' vision that we are all one. This holistic world view is in the ascendant.

Holism states that the fundamental principle of the universe is the creation, at all levels, of self-contained systems. This sits well with the astrological perspective.

It can be argued that astrological symbolism is a universal common language and reference system, since the one predictable universal factor for all life on earth is the planets and their movements. In astrology is contained all the components of every other system that exists. Integrating as it does mathematics and mythology, astrology provides a framework to examine - quite literally - any cohesive system under the Sun and to bridge the gap between subjective and objective, mind and matter, arts and science.

To do this a competent working knowledge of two systems is needed. One is obviously astrology. The other system can be anything from meteorology, the stock market, political history - to its most widespread current application, psychology. The key components of the chosen second system are then matched to the key astrological components of planets , critical angles between them known as aspects, zodiacal signs and houses (spheres of influence). One system can then be studied in terms of the other, knowledge being gained both inductively and deductively through translating symbol to actuality and vice versa.

For example, in studying the dynamics of the psyche, the planets correspond to the drives, the signs to how these drives express themselves, the aspects to conflicting or harmonising intrapsychic tendencies and the houses to the areas of life where the above find expression. Important planetary movements, known as transits, correlate to significant life shifts. The role of consciousness and its relationship to character, fate and freewill, especially at times of change, are subjects at the core of astrological debate.

Accelerating developments in philosophy (largely Neo-Platonist), education, ethics and research in serious astrology have been attracting, especially over the last 20 years, increasing numbers of highly educated clients, students and practitioners.

It has generally, however, been the direct personal experience of quality astrology rather than academic argument which has led to this upsurge of interest.

Latest from the Blog:

All Complaints This Generates Will Be Flushed

Expect tension on Friday as the Moon and Mercury in Taurus oppose retrograde Mars in Scorpio.  Laugh if you want:  If I were Mars in Scorpio, I would relent my fixed position just to mentally screw my opponent.

My Libra side wants me to delete that, but our culture is so sickeningly people-pleasing at this point that I feel the need to swing to the other side for balance.

We've also still got the grand trine in earth. We've enjoyed this so long - good food and such - we'll probably be shocked when comfort is less easy to come by. Complacency is more like it.

Personally, I have all these health problems. But I've been content to sit on them like some kind of hoarder. I've not been in the mood to navigate our healthcare system which has become such a nightmare.  I'm stubborn!

Saturday is the new moon in Gemini - Love Is In The Air,  Y'all are on to that.

Sunday, Mercury in Taurus is closing its opposition to retrograde Mars in Scorpio. The Moon will have left the building, so we'll be looking at a war of words with no feeling... other than anger.

Personally, I'm going to try to sit this one out. But my husband and I will be in a class that day. There have been a few times when he's stood up in the circle of people to better make his point.  It's pretty funny if you see this. He's the only one who leaps from his chair to explain or threaten or whatever. It ought to be entertaining.

I just re-read this. It's racing, isn't it? Mars with Mercury! Vrooooooom!

Also, the title of this article is purposely rude. It's meant to give you an idea of the attitude out there. So many people have their hand on the toilet lever, it's not even funny.

Have a good weekend!