Astro News December 14 - December 20, 2015

This week there are some very lucky days ahead as a lovely money cycle has begin and runs through Christmas eve.

Venus trine Chiron is the aspect and not only it is great for financial opportunities, it's fitting for love and romance too. It's also a period that is perfect to practice forgiveness. How fitting this aspect would happen right before Christmas! If there is someone you need to forgive or perhaps you would like to ask for forgiveness, the portal is open! The energy is perfect. The cosmos are working in your favor to reach out to someone to mend fences. 

I also want to share that there are several lucky astrological money aspects between now and the end of the year we call can take advantage of. 

Venus sextile Pluto runs through this weekend and good for manifesting, drawing prosperity, getting raises, bonuses and promotions. Venus will also aspect Jupiter through next Monday which is another fine financial time but you may also spend more money that you had planned on too.

Third warning!

I'm just reiterating to be careful when driving as I have been telling you the past few weeks. Mercury conjunct Pluto square Uranus can create hazardous roads ways and crazy drivers. Be extra cautious when driving during December 16 - 22. The worst days are December 18-19, 22 and the 29th.

Mercury Retrograde is Coming January 5 to the 25. Be prepared and start projects and contracts now so they won't be delayed during the retrograde.

Good Shopping Days and Cautionary ones too!

You'll find some unusual and quirky fun gifts for Friends while the Moon is in Aquarius on Monday, December 14 through Wednesday around 2:00a.m. eastern times noted December 16.

I would not suggest purchasing gifts while the Moon is void all morning long Wednesday. Gifts purchased during a moon void, usually get returned, re gifted or not used at all.

Buy romantic gifts when the moon is in  Pisces on Wednesday beginning at 12:45 pm EST. through Friday at 10:15a.m. 

The better part of the day on Friday, until 4:37p.m. I suggest saving your time and energy as we have another moon void. With moon in Aries, you may buy impulsively and your family and friends may end up with over the top gifts or you could blow your budget.

Shop Sunday, December 20, until 05:02pm  if you can stick to your list. Have dinner and resume your shopping when moon moves into Taurus at 7:13 pm.