I am - Universal mantra of manifestation

I am
This article focuses on two words that can easily be called the "Universal mantra of manifestation."

It is the phrase, "I am". 

These two words, "I am" are used both to reinforce a victim state of consciousness (and, as such are part of a victim's vocabulary) and/or they can be used to empower and affirm a more conscious and expanded notion of ourselves. 

Either way they have tremendous power over us. When we use the words, "I am ...", we are telling ourselves who we believe ourselves to be. With these two words we deliver a pronouncement to ourselves and the world about what to expect from us, what we are capable of, how much success, love and happiness we will allow ourselves to have. 

We must be very careful about what we are "I am-ing" because whatever that is will be exactly what we live out in life. 

If we say, "I am stupid," "I am bad," or "no good at ______ (fill in the blank)" or we say, "I am inept," "powerless," "undeserving" or "a failure," etc, we are affirming and investing belief in a limiting and stressful idea about ourselves. Doing so leads us to behave in ways that will lead to the very outcome we are "owning" with the pronouncement, "I am." 

With the words, "I am" we formulate and take possession of a definition of ourselves. It starts in childhood when we introduce ourselves, "I am Sally Sue" or "Billy Bob," etc. and goes from there. 

We use these two words to announce our status in life with such phrases as, "I am poor (or rich), "unloved (or loved)," "unlovable(lovable)". Whether the mantra, "I am" manifests for or against us depends on what follows those first two all important words because that will be what we believe! 

Here are some healthier options:
Instead of "I am stupid," try, "I don't know how to do that." or "I have never studied or tried that before so it may take me awhile to do it."

Lynne Forrest