Astro News October 6 - 9, 2015

Good news
Good news....Mercury is moving forward on the 9th and so will you! Yes you can sign contracts, buy a computer, say yes to the dress and basically take action on things you have been holding off on.

The Moon is in Cancer all day Monday so your need for comfort food and nurturing is strong. Don't blow your diet! It will be tempting. You will also feel a little more sensitive than usual. In fact, we all will so be careful of not hurting folks' feelings. 

A challenging aspect is the Sun/Pluto square and then Venus gets in the mix. Expect some challenges or irritations in relationships early in the week. Someone may be overstepping their bounds or overstaying their welcome. 
On Tuesday the moon moves into Leo so the energy shifts into more of a fiery one. It's a good day for getting sales and maybe even playing your lucky numbers.

On Wednesday we have a long moon void starting late in the day, so not much will get accomplished from 5:11p.m. eastern onward. When the moon is void, people usually do not want to commit to much. You'll feel a little more lazier than usual and just want to take a nap or two.  

But there are a few zodiac signs that do accomplish a great deal on moon voids. Moon voids do not affect them. They are Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius. The moon stays void until Thursday afternoon at 3:51p.m. eastern time and then it moves into Virgo. At that point, everyone will feel like getting down to business. 

Late Thursday and Friday, much can be accomplished. Then we have another moon void on October 9 from 6:12p.m. eastern until Sunday morning the 11th at 4:46a.m. eastern. Suffice to say, you may feel a little lazy over the weekend. So block out the times when the moon is NOT void this week to tackle the tougher chores.