Astro News September 30, 2015

As we move into the month of October, we look at concluding things we have been dealing with for the past year or even more. This can be a very exciting time as we gain clarity on things and have some "A-Ha" Moments. Then in turn, we can draw conclusions as to what is truly best for our lives.

Last Sunday's Supermoon eclipse has passed and your anxiety levels should be much more comfortable. There's a short time left until Mercury goes forward on the 9th. So make plans but do not spring into action until then.

It seems most all of the planets are involved in some way or another, giving insight into our personal lives.

Venus and Mars are both in Virgo helping us make logical and precise choices in love and money. You may feel like you have a lot on your plate, that you are juggling too much and yes this may be the case, but the chaos also gives you a chance to look at your life and decide what's truly important and what's not. It gives you a chance to decide what to keep and what to let go of. You will decide what's most important this month and make the neccessary changes to free up time and energy to devote to those things and people you love the most. 

Keep in mind we have a New Moon on October 12 in the sign of Libra which is Opposite Uranus and Squares Pluto. Usually new moons are easier than full moons but this one can create some chaos in relationships. This new moon points out the things that need to change.  In other words, do not stick in a negative, bad or limiting situation. The new moon is good for new beginnings. So it is a positive period to take action.  

Karmic Saturn is Squaring Venus and Neptune too. The Universe is showing you what your relatioship truly represents. The blinders and the rose colored glasses come off. You will see your boss, your frienedships, your marriage and more for what they truly are. If positive, this aspect will reinforce that you are on the right path. If not for your highest good, the cosmos will point this out too. 

And the Universe offers support .....With The Mars/Jupiter Conjunction Trining Pluto, you are being handed a wonderful opportunity to create the type of life, love and happiness you desire but only if you make the neccessary changes to do so. The Universe will help you.

Little Tidbits:

-Thursday and Friday there may be too much on your plate. If you can take time to create more space and less work this weekend, you will be much happier. Do what needs to be done and nothing more.

-By late Tuesday and Wednesday you should feel lighter about life and have much more clarity on what you should do. Its like this anxiety and uncertainty that surrounded you is finally lifiting. You have more concrete and satisfying ideas of the how you want to proceed with a decision. 

-When the moon moves into Gemini later in the week, it will trine the Sun in Libra, so there is some pleasant oportunities for good communication in many relationships. Then the moon will move into sentimental Cancer and home/family be the focus.