Astro News October 10, 2015


It's been a rough one but now it turns direct at 0° Libra. Communications and contracts will start moving. Slowly over the course of the weekend, you'll feel shifting energy. We won't have another Mercury Retrograde until January. The Moon will be in Virgo giving you a productive day. 

Look for an energy shift on Saturday. It's an aspect we call a square between Venus and Saturn which will help you understand your values, make decisions on financial and job matters and even solidify or terminate relationships. Look back to an issue in mid November 2014. There was something happening back then with you. You may have made a decision in January 2015 and then it peaked in April 2015. Whatever you were dealing with over that period, is becoming crystal clear. You will decide to make a move or make an adjustment to that situation once and for all.

For my client Kate, she decided to end a relationship in November 2014. Her boyfriend came back in January 2015 and she took him back and then in April of the same year, she found he had cheated on her with a girl he has been seeing in December. She took him back. Her reading yesterday, showed she would be ending the relationship once and for all because of her recent suspicions again which will ring true by the full moon on October 27.

If you look for signs from the Universe over the weekend,you will understand what you need to do to create a happy, healthier cycle in early 2016. In other words, you are ending one cycle and starting a new one over the course of the next 3 months. You may need to release something so you can begin the new one.
Spend some time alone, Listen, Feel, Get a reading, meditate, etc. The answers will soon come.

By Sunday you may not feel so anxious about a decision and the shift within is unfolding. You can decide to be excited about the changes or you can decide to feel stressed. You choose. Change your perception of the issue if you feel anxiety. With the moon in Libra on Sunday, it will be a social day and many people will want to gather for fun, food and companionship. Through talking about what is making your anxious or doing some form of physical exercise, you will feel better about the changes and the choices you must make. 

On October 11th, lucky Jupiter will make its first of three beautiful aspects to Pluto. This means help is on its way to support any changes you are making! They can happen easier now. You will find a way to take control of any situation and you'll find solutions for it. 

Don't forget the new moon on October 12 in Libra is a good time to set your intentions and make up your wish list. Because Libra rules loves, marriage and partnerships, this is a nice time to include what you want from relationships on your list. 

Venus moves into Virgo Friday so our Virgo Starscopers are looking extra beautiful for the next 3 weeks!
Have a Happy Weekend!