Astro News October 15, 2015

This week Mars is trining Pluto so much can get accomplished once you set your mind to something. You'll get a burst of confidence and feel very ambitious. Luck is especially strong on Thursday.

This Friday, as we approach Sweetest Day, Venus opposes Neptune You could easily be fooled by someone's charms who is not sincere. If you meet someone under this influence, do not wear your heart on your sleeve as the romantic interest could be nothing more than illusion. Friday is not a good day to make any big committments or decisions involving partnerships.

But on Saturday, the energy shifts and we have a lot of potent energy! You'll feel like making sweeping changes and perhaps a large move. With Mars and Jupiter working in unison, this is a wonderful day to do something BIG. Whatever you are perfecting, will likely succeed. Most people are in a good mood this day and eager to please. However it is a day you could easily blow your diet so watch for overindulgence. 

Heads up: The Sun will move into the intense and passionate sign of Scorpio on the 23rd. Venus is working with Pluto which is Scorpio's ruler. You may have very strong feelings about something or someone today. It is an excellent time for psychic impressions, connecting with the other side and digging deeper into metaphysical study. It's no accident that I planned our Cosmic Connections Convention October 23-25. The energies are off the charts for this type of activity. 

Enjoy the week ahead and hope to see many of you on our travels.