Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory

What is Reality?

This question has kept philosophers occupied throughout the centuries; however, thanks to extraordinary scientific discoveries made in the last 60 years we now have some extremely plausible theories about the structure of Reality and our place in it.

Quantum Theory

If we shine a flashlight into an enormously vast room completely darkened the farther we go away from the flashlight the fainter the light becomes.

At a distance of about 10,000 kilometers from the light the light would be too faint for the human eye to detect and you would see nothing.

However, a frog with eyes several times more sensitive than the human eye would never lose complete sight of the flashlight but would see the light beginning to flicker.

But the brightness of the actual flickers would not diminish; only, as the frog gets farther away from the light, the light starts breaking up in lumps, Photons, called Quanta.

By using lasers and directing these lasers at very small holes it was found that light does not always travel in a straight line.

Shining these lasers at increasingly smaller holes the light begins to rebel and instead of appearing intact at the other side of the hole it spreads out after each hole, i.e. it bends.

If we then, however, take this "spread" light and shine it at a "barrier" with several slits in it, not all the slits let the light through, some light actually disappears and cannot be accounted for.

There seems to be interference, where the visible Photons are deflected by shadow (invisible) Photons.

The interfering entities behave exactly like Photons.

What has actually been shown is that when Photons pass through a barrier with several increasingly smaller holes light starts to bend and the visible Protons are being interfered with by invisible Protons.

For each visible Proton it has been shown that there are at least a trillion invisible shadow Photons accompanying each visible one.

It therefore seems that there exists a seething, enormously complicated hidden world of shadow Photons travelling at the speed of light yet they cannot be detected except for the fact that they interfere with the visible Photon which they accompany.

Interference is not a special property of Photons; experiments have confirmed that it happens with all particles.

It therefore seems that reality is a much bigger entity than is apparent to us and most is invisible.