Free Will

Free Will
In spite of the way we are brought up and in spite of our physical, social and mental attributes and backgrounds we can exercise our free will to determine our Future.

Numerous examples exist of people born with enormous handicaps becoming successful.

At each point in our lives we can make choices that may have far - reaching effects for our future.

Astrology explains to us when we were born and the influence the Universe has on our lives on a day - to - day basis.

"Free Will " is an oft debated subject.

Of course we don't have complete free will: we are born with certain limitations, physical as well as environmental as well as those imposed on us by society.

But within this framework there are other, more subtle forces influencing us.

At times we seem to be led into disastrous situations, are subject to unaccountable moods, some exuberant, some black.

Sudden barriers may appear, and other times we have smooth sailing.

These are the forces we have to work with as human beings, or at least react to.

But we must recognize these forces and astrology will help us do so.

This is why astrology is so valuable in that it provides us with the understanding as to why we act in certain ways and why things happen to us in certain ways, and we then have the choice, the free will, to modify our behaviour to cope better with life and to succeed in life in spite of hindrances and barriers.