From Electron to Multiverse

Electrons, when immersed in a gaseous solution, act as if they have a consciousness, shared by all.

The whole universe consists of electrons, being pure energy, until observed by us.

We subconsciously convert this energy into matter when we look at it; for that matter we convert this energy into our own conscious bodies with information our minds have and is shared with the rest of the universe.

There are now 2 separate lines of thought giving credence to the fact that there is not just one Universe out there, but probably an infinite number of Universes, some almost identical to ours, and some probably so different that we cannot imagine what they are like.

1. By experiments with light protons it was found in interference experiments that for each visible light proton there are probably trillions of invisible light protons accompanying it and when we bend the path of the light protons some of the invisible protons interfere with the visible ones.

These invisible light protons seem to be coming from an unlimited number of Universes and seem to be popping in and out of ours.

2. By studying Black Holes it is now accepted by most Physicists that energy disappears in the creation of a Black Hole which then becomes the gateway to another Universe.