Astrology as a Predictive Science

Astrology as a Predictive Science
According to the considered opinion of a lot of people astrology is a lot of nonsense.

Astrology, however, is one of the most involved - and evolved - subjects there is.

It has an almost limitless capacity to describe an individual as a completely unique human being. A question that arises sometimes is whether astrology might conflict with a person's religion. Nothing could be farther from the truth; it is completely compatible with any religion or philosophy.

The horoscope is a chart of certain influences present at the moment of birth.

Modern Physicists see these influences as influences created by the Universe as a living entity upon that part of it which we are at the moment of birth.

You can also call it God's will, Karma, Fate, Kismet or whatever you like.

But remember, these are only influences, we as individuals are still captains of our fate and masters of our soul.

And this is the great value of Astrology in that it helps us to know ourselves and there is no finer tool to help us discover our inner selves.

As the configurations of the Stars in the Universe that caused the original influences eventually repeat themselves these influences are accentuated.

Wheteher positive or negative, whether good or bad, the value is in knowing about them and being forearmed.

If positive, we can make ourselves much more receptive; if negative, it gives us a chance to batten down the hatches before the storm.

One of Astrology's greatest values is that it gives us self - knowledge.

It will indicate our Strengths, our Weaknesses; we will, perhaps for the first time, understand why we feel a certain way and why we behave and react the way we do.

Because of this increased knowledge we will be more at ease and will be more in tune with the Universe of which we are a significant part.

We can then find ways to minimize the weak points and strengthen the strong points.