Saturn opp Mercury- writing block

I have some serious writer's block happening. I usually write a lot more than I post, but lately I haven't been writing much at all--that's t.Saturn opp Mercury, for you. My mind swirls, but when I sit down at my keyboard....nothing. Not even 'I don't feel like writing that.' My mind is just...blank.

Pluto in Capricorn is crawling ever closer to my Moon. I had misread the ephemeris and thought it would be exact in July. In fact, it is exact on August 8th, which is my deceased uncle's birthday. Isn't that odd? I thought so. Even more odd is that the day Pluto goes direct, is the day I lost a baby 5 years ago. I have several more months of Pluto conjunct my Moon. I am being as patient and non-hysterical as I can. Changes are afoot. I know that; I can feel them coming on a very deep level.

What I feel especially, is the soul of an infant. I feel another being's soul around me right now. I am not pregnant, but I feel pregnant. It's hard to explain.