Moon in Sagittarius today

The Moon enters Sagittarius today, into my 12th House. We're moving closer to Leo season, which for me means my 8th House is lit up. As much as I love the hedonistic nature of the lazy sunny days of late July, this often is a private and emotional time of year for me. There are three anniversaries in the space of a few short days: the sudden and tragic deaths of two of my closest friends and the death of my grandmother. They all died on different years. Early August has me remembering the birthdays of my deceased aunt and my eldest uncle, two loved ones who I miss almost every day.

I'm trying to teach myself about ancestor worship. With an 8th House Saturn my loved ones are always with me. I'm letting life itself be my guide. Open heart, open mind...right? Right.

Last night I went to a yoga class, the first in-studio class I've attended in well over a year. The teacher was an older woman with an engaging, beautiful presence. Late in the class while I was in child's pose, the child's presence I have been feeling and communicating with came back to me. I thought, I felt, this is a Gemini. Then I felt the teacher's hands on my lower back, pressing down. She released the pressure and tears sprung to my eyes. She couldn't see my face but she could obviously feel me. I didn't want to cry. I always cry during yoga and I find it uncomfortable. I am not ashamed to cry but really when I start I can't stop. Moon in Capricorn, but it is trine Chiron/IC. Tears on tap.