Breaking the ice with Uranus

I decided to join twitter. With Saturn in Scorpio conjunct my 11th house Uranus and opposing my Mercury, i'm making headway in finding a new place for myself online. I still have all my usual favourite spots, but you know uranus. He is the apex of my yod with aries mars and jupiter in gemini. So while i woke up not even thinking about twitter, by the end of the day i was on, and had already committed a faux pas by accidentally following a parody account. Such is life.

Uranus is, hands down, my favourite planet. It's conjunct my midheaven and aspects nearly all of my planets: sun, moon, mercury, chiron, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, and neptune. I love the breakup that uranus brings. It reminds me of the arctic ice breakup in springtime. The pain sounds harder than it is in actuality. The promise of the new is exciting, and also a balm to hungry hearts. Nothing is allowed to remain stagnant, and that i feel is conducive to life.