Earth love

My boss has been away. I asked him for the day off on Friday, telling him that I needed some serious nature time. He has Mars in Taurus conjunct my Sun...and being a man who loves the bush, believes the Earth is our Mother, and has made his living in environmental services, he understood. 

These are pictures of my day. I ended up at the local botanical gardens, where I decided to take my shoes off and walk barefoot through the trails. The gardens were largely empty (and you can see. The whole region is beautiful). It was so great to not have to worry where I stepped. No dogs, so no dog waste. No garbage. Nothing but earth and dead leaves carpeting the ground, and new growth lighting up in the afternoon sun.

 ride through the woods to get to the botanical garden


 en route--Haida totems at the MOA

 sweet bee getting drunk with flower power

 young ferns

 blue friends