Witness to Legacy

I'm working on a legacy project for my boss. It's based in science but calling the project scientific doesn't do it justice given the people involved and their love for one another. Times like this I ask the Divine why I am here: why have I been given this task? Why has it been decided that I can handle this? I can handle this.

After some digging around I located the photographer from the original work.  When I reached her, she told me she was living in a tent and that the photos were with the author's widow. Funny, she says. It's the 5th anniversary of his death today.

While I digest this, she emailed me again, asking me if I could help locate the video compilation of the author's memorial service so that she could send it along to his daughter.


Yes, I can.

This, my friends, is life with a 10th House Pluto.