New Moon Magic

For this New Moon, I decided to make my niece a dreamcatcher. I asked my partner's help in cutting some willow branches. I made my special chakra balancing water, as taught to me by a teacher in my past. With it, I cleansed the crystal I intend to use in her dreamcatcher. I placed this in the window sill,  along with the beads and feathers.

Sometimes when I gather things, I don't know why. I am drawn to them, obviously, but in my quest to keep only objects I love and have meaning in my home, I have developed a special relationship with the organic matter that I am so intrigued by. I love my home to feel alive. Though I live in the city, ours is a city that grows and grows. Within several months of the landlord neglecting the growth beside the shed, the yard is a bonafide jungle. The cats love it, and so do we.

This New Moon in Cancer opposes my natal Neptune in my 12th. I am looking, as always, for some magic. Yesterday I found a book of Ukrainian folk tales while running an errand for my boss. It was in a gutter.

I started reading it while I was riding my bike, but decided that was probably a bad idea.

I think that sounds like a great idea, he laughed.