Full Moon In Scorpio

Full Moon
May 5th hosts a Full Moon in Scorpio, in opposition (or 180 degrees) to Mercury in Taurus. Oh deep, magnetic, powerful, Scorpio, bless your heart. Scorpio is intense and emotional (in a broody, sexy way). Whatever a Scorpio feels they feel deeply and completely, bringing them in touch with truth. Not just their own truth, but also your truth and my truth too. Scorpios generally have a good emotional gauge and “BS” meter. Full Moons are all about manifestation, reaping the blessings of whatever new moon intention that was previously set in the same sign.

This being said, whatever energy surfaces this full moon, whether it is a power struggle (did I mention Scorpio can be controlling and slightly vengeful?), emotional struggle, or any other type of struggle root yourself (Ukatasana) into your truth and create space for understanding the energy that has arisen. Allow this Full Moon to help you strengthen the foundation you set for your Aries New Moon intention. Feel your truth deeply, completely and without abandon. Ground yourself into it, and allow whatever inconsistencies or darkness that would swirl around you, to just swirl around you. Learn from it and dismiss it. When you are grounded in the light, and deeply connected to your truth nothing else matters. Scorpio knows this and lives this. Soon you will too.

Scorpio has the potential to be a dark sign if it is not grounded in the light (truth). Aries connected you, grounded you into your light, your truth. So whatever darkness arises or seems to threaten your grasp on your truth, release it, let the darkness pass. You know your truth, remain grounded in it. You can only become stronger by releasing the need to engage or fight darkness. Remember: winter is over! The time for darkness is gone. You are officially invited to step into your light. Let Scorpio help you do that.

Now, the full Moon is opposite Mercury in Taurus. Mercury is Hermes, messenger of the Gods. Mercury rules communications, and Divine inspiration. But to bring Mercury into Taurus (an Earth sign ruled by Venus) gives it’s messages a sensual, earthbound quality. So whatever divine inspiration Mercury may bring you is laced with Earthly energy. This is what it is. But, it is not divine- it is not your complete truth. You will have to dig deep for that, which Scorpio and its magnificent “BS” meter will help you do.

So whatever messages or messengers approach you this Full Moon look at them and hear them from the perspective of your truth (or your New Moon intention). Take a minute to search for the divinity and light in the message. Scorpio will help you do that. If there is none for you, remain grounded in your truth, and let the message and messenger go. Though it may be easier to give up your vision, due to external pressures or messages, remain grounded in your truth. Refrain from the need to engage darkness. Fighting only keeps you from nurturing the intention you set earlier this month. Scorpio is powerful and stubborn. Use this energy to help root you into your truth and allow it to blossom into Spring.