April's Lunar Messages...

On April 18th there is a new Moon in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Where Pisces is about oneness, Aries is an individual spark of divinity; definatly distingushing itself from it's surroundings. New moons are times to set intentions and initiate action--action being a big Aries keyword. If there is any action you are called to take, now is a good time. Both the sun and moon are in Aires. The sun represents our ego, our “I am”, the masculine, active, aspect of our nature. The moon represents the soft, feminine, receptive, psychic, and subconscious part of our nature. Having the sun and moon beside each other, or conjunct, in one sign unites both the light and dark of our psyche; giving us a fertile ground to sprout from. Aries is all about sprouting too. So dig deep. Unearth the desires of your hearts that you’ve kept safe and warm all winter. Dust them off, and set intentions to make these dreams reality. As you sow the seeds of your intention, prepare for them to blossom—despite what you may encounter.

.. Speaking of encounters- this fiery new moon is square (or 90 degrees apart) from Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn. Saturn in Virgo is a stickler for details and worries about rules and regulations. So, if while following your bliss or setting an intention to follow your bliss you encounter red tape—consider it a blessing. Saturn in Virgo will help you plan and organize your intention in a way that will set you up for success. Just like you can’t build a house without an architectural plan, Aries can’t get where it’s going without a map. That is what Saturn in Virgo is there for. So if you feel slowed down, take time to breathe and plan. Say it with me: Dream, breathe and plan!

The Magical new moon is also square Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter expands and amplifies whatever sign it’s in, taking it to a whole new level. Capricorn is also about rules and regulations, as well as achievement and ambition. So yet again, we are being pushed towards achieving our goals, living a life characterized by divine expression. However, Capricorn asks us to live this life, achieve these dreams, but to put in the work for it. Yep- read: make a plan. (One more time: Dream, breathe, plan!) Capricorn is a bit of a stickler (like Virgo) for rules, regulations and planning.

Saturn rules both Capricorn and Virgo. Saturn is responsible for making sure that we do our work before moving on to the next level. Where Aries is a seed, Saturn will make sure the seed gets planted in good soil, watered and fertilized. (Last time: Dream, Breathe, Plan!!)

So in all this fiery rush to move forward, don’t forget to plan. Set the foundation. Set the stage for your own unique play for all to behold. Finally claim your role as the Star you’ve always dreamt of being.