Full Moon In Libra

.. Full Moon in Libra... 

Ahhhh Libra.. What a beautiful space. Ruled by Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, relationships, fecundity and general juiciness. Given that full moons are times of manifestation, this full moon should be a generally orgasmic one. Surrounding us all with good vybes, filling our social calendars and ummm just making life a little more sparkly ;)..

But, should you take a second glance-- This full moon goes much deeper than a good time. Libra calls for loving, positive relations, understanding and a fair objective perspective. The sun (currently opposite of the moon) has just transited from the depths of cosmic oneness that is Pisces to the the spark of individuality that is Aries. In many ways, a full moon in Libra provides balance between the two; providing all the love you need to care for yourself so you can properly relate to others. After all we are all individual flames within a cosmic bonfire. Just as flames express fire differently, we humans express God differently. Allow this Full moon Libra to help you connect with the spark that makes you essentially you, yet able to connect to and relate with the whole entirety of being. 

The Sun is also opposite mighty Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, creating a grand square with the Moon. Squares are a great opportunity to release energy; meaning transform and release attachments to thoughts ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you- yes you!

Let's being with Mars (fire) in Cancer (water). You can't get much more opposite than this, but Libra creates a common bond and space-- a uniting of energy. In this space I would say Mars in Cancer translates into the ability to fight for what nurtures you. Cancer is all about nurturing and taking care of others. Mars is a very aggressive, a bit selfish (due to being overly driven and not listening to others) yet, slightly surly. Bring this fiery energy to Cancer and you are being asked to take care of yourself. No really- take care of yourself. It's like the Mother who beats your ass when you're sick because you aren't resting. This is Mars in Cancer for ya! 

Pluto in Capricorn is all about transforming what you give your power to, or rather revamping priorities- at least in this context. Pluto is all about evolution, change and transformation at a very deep level. It changes us from deep within. Unearthing old attitudes and ways of being that you forgot you had, but are still present today. I keep reading about Pluto and upheaval, but it's only upheaval if you hold on to what you are being led to release. Just like if you struggle with the guy stealing your wallet you may get shot or cut. If you give it to him. He'll just take it. (not a good example, but this is what you get living in DC, it's getting warm and the element is emerging) Capricorn is the boss baby! It runs the show and is characterized by ambition and achievement. So, putting a deeply transformative force into a sign that's all about ambition and achievement is asking us to revamp what we dedicate our energy to. (And yes I am talking to you if you spend more than 9 hrs at work-- slavery is over be free dammitt-- unless work is just that stimulating and you have no need for frolicking. You're online, you probably love to frolic!!) 

To bring it all together, I sense we are being asked to take better care of ourselves and revamp where are energies and priorities are. We are asked to travel from the space of outward action that only revolves around ourselves to actions that benefit humanity as a whole. Although this is a great opportunity to give a go green speech I won't. It translates to more than just that. When you love( Libra/Cancer) yourself (Aries) truly and deeply the normal need for aggression (Mars), ambition (Capricorn)action will be transformed (Pluto) to acting with integrity from a space of oneness (Pisces and Aquarius). Please don't forget that there are still many planets in Pisces (oneness & service) and Aquarius (expansive vision moving from me to we). So we are not out of the oneness, service and expansive vision yet. The universe gives us many opportunities to get it!-Thankfully