New Moon in Pisces

New Moon
Ahhh a new moon in Pisces..what a delicious, romantic time. On the surface it could lead to more meaningful ways of service, a deep spiritual connection, or a reunion with our good friend Jose. (You know Jose Cuervo and his naughty girl Margarita– they’re always up for a good time.) Pisces does have a tendency to get lost in bottles, pills or thick clouds of smoke so be aware of your hand in vicinity to a bottle or any laced chocolates…

Bottles and chocolates aside this new moon signifies a time to set intentions for compassionate, evolutionary action. Why compassionate, evolutionary action? First, let’s talk about Pisces. Pisces is all about serving and loving others. Compassion begins at home with yourself and then extends outwards. When you love and honor yourself, holding a similar space for others comes from strength rather than a need to be accepted or liked. So allow your first intention to hold a space of compassion and growth for yourself. From there you will find the courage to love the world in a spiritual way; which will be very Piscean of you– yay!!

Secondly, the sun (ego), moon (subconscious, reflective self) and Uranus (electric, awakener) are all in lovely, reflective Pisces. Having the sun and moon together is a perfect for change. It’s like having the subconscious and the conscious self on the same page ready to work together in any direction you’d like; combine this with Uranus which is all about waking up and evolving beyond who you thought you were and viola!! you have focused energy channeled in a service oriented, compassionate,loving way. Although Pisces is lovey, gentle and receptive, Uranus doesn't’t really play–(There is nothing subtle or gentle about Uranus) so even if you don’t have any plans on moving forward– be mindful–the universe may have plans for you already… Whatever happens it’s coming through Pisces, so it won’t sting too badly!! Pisceans aren’t know for being hard asses– it’ll be okay. I swear on my lucky panties!!

Again, if you have goals around spiritual rebirth, reconnection, evolution– this is your time. Shedding of bullshit is also supported by Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Now Pluto (Power, deeeeeeep transformation) and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) in a similar vicinity creates a great opportunity to do all the deep digging and releasing of your perceptions of societal structures, and the law necessary to move forward in an explosive way. Both Pluto (power, transformation) and Saturn (cosmic taskmaster, lawman) help us all do the hard things in life that we don’t necessarily want to do (ie work a 9-5, pay taxes, or wash) but are good for us in the long run. It’s not exactly banana time in the monkey cage, but hey– your work will get done and you will move forward. Jupiter (our cosmic sugar daddy) is close to the action and softens this transition up a bit. So even though there is soul work to be done– you may be able to have a little fun with it.

So, to make a long story short: This is a wonderful time to set the intention to evolve in a compassionate way. Usually the fruits of a new moon take six months to a year to manifest, but with Uranus involved, your intention could manifest within the next five minutes who knows. You are not only supported by the sun and moon, but also the placement of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. All the cosmic heavy hitters are behind you! There is nothing to lose but yourself– which is another post all together!!