Key Transits from Christmas Eve to Saint Valentine’s Day

Here are some diary dates, including the entire family tree of asteroids (Jupiter and Saturn’s children, just for a start!)

On Thursday December 22, the Sun enters Capricorn at 0 degrees. Vesta (Saturn’s daughter) stands at 0 Pisces, while Venus is at 0 Aquarius, Jupiter is at 0 Taurus and Uranus is at 0 Aries. If you happen to have heavenly bodies at 0 degrees, that’s a significant time. Vesta describes situations where one man has influence and authority over two or more women. The rest of that line-up is about opportunities, relating and revolution!

Merry Christmas! Jupiter turns direct on Christmas Day. He is travelling through Taurus, and will peak there in April and May 2012, notably on the Sun-Jupiter conjunction of Sunday May 13th. At last, the problem-solving, growth and expansion that Jupiter is famous for, can really start to work, in the Taurus-ruled house of your chart.

The January Full Moon The Full Moon at 18 Capricorn/18 Cancer on January 9 is accompanied by the asteroid Apollo at 18 Virgo and Diana at 18 Scorpio. Apollo describes leadership. Diana is about total freedom. This Full Moon has the classic push-pull feeling of any Sun-Moon opposition, but it has incredible potential too.

The January New Moon On January 23, we have a New Moon at 2 Aquarius. It appears alongside Mercury at 23 Capricorn trine Mars at 23 Virgo, and Diana (freedom, again) at 23 Scorpio. On the same day, the dwarf planet Ceres is at 1 Aries, Uranus is at 1 Aries, Jupiter is at 1 Taurus and the asteroid Panacea (she is Jupiter’s great-granddaughter) at 1 Aquarius. No matter what’s in your chart, that’s going to be quite a day.

Neptune leaves Aquarius in February On February 3, Neptune leaves Aquarius. The area of your chart ruled by Aquarius has been subject to boundary creep for years. Or even the total erosion of boundaries. Life has been confusing there – often chaotic. Let us know (on Twitter) how it feels to finally return to dry land!