Mercury & Virgo New Moon

Mercury finally stops and changes direction(stationary-direct at 19 Leo) today, after being retrograde since Aug. 2. But it will take a few days for the mercurial energy to pick up some speed. In fact, if one considers the so-called shadow period to be valid, then the flow of information and communication will not resume normality until Sept. 9. Either way, the trickster morphs back into the messenger planet as it shifts into forward motion, and the frustration that many of us felt should begin to dissipate. 

Ideally, we reviewed and revised whatever needed to be gone over, so we can move ahead now. And Sunday night's New Moon in discerning Virgo give us the green light to seed new productive endeavors- especially, as this lunation forms a grand trine in the earth element with Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto. If there's a personal or business project you wish to kick off, this New Moon is an excellent timing factor under which to get the ball rolling. 

"Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today." ~Mark Twain