All Complaints This Generates Will Be Flushed

Expect tension on Friday as the Moon and Mercury in Taurus oppose retrograde Mars in Scorpio.  Laugh if you want:  If I were Mars in Scorpio, I would relent my fixed position just to mentally screw my opponent.

My Libra side wants me to delete that, but our culture is so sickeningly people-pleasing at this point that I feel the need to swing to the other side for balance.

We've also still got the grand trine in earth. We've enjoyed this so long - good food and such - we'll probably be shocked when comfort is less easy to come by. Complacency is more like it.

Personally, I have all these health problems. But I've been content to sit on them like some kind of hoarder. I've not been in the mood to navigate our healthcare system which has become such a nightmare.  I'm stubborn!

Saturday is the new moon in Gemini - Love Is In The Air,  Y'all are on to that.

Sunday, Mercury in Taurus is closing its opposition to retrograde Mars in Scorpio. The Moon will have left the building, so we'll be looking at a war of words with no feeling... other than anger.

Personally, I'm going to try to sit this one out. But my husband and I will be in a class that day. There have been a few times when he's stood up in the circle of people to better make his point.  It's pretty funny if you see this. He's the only one who leaps from his chair to explain or threaten or whatever. It ought to be entertaining.

I just re-read this. It's racing, isn't it? Mars with Mercury! Vrooooooom!

Also, the title of this article is purposely rude. It's meant to give you an idea of the attitude out there. So many people have their hand on the toilet lever, it's not even funny.

Have a good weekend!