Astro News Weekend of November 9, 2015

It's time to Wish upon a Star!

We have Meteor showers this month. Be on the look out for these shooting stars and make your wish!

November 4/5
November 12/13
November 17/18

I was asked this week what do shooting stars really mean? Do they have any significance?
They usually appear around the same time that the planets are getting ready to bring about changes in our lives. And that's what is happening in November!

This weekend Mercury is aspecting Neptune so it's a perfect time to work on metaphysical topics, get a reading, tap into your own intuition and more. It is a good day to make amends, ask for forgiveness or forgive someone. The Wounded Healer, Chiron is also in the mix so it's likely an old wound from a past lifetime or your childhood or even the recent past, will surface. Your wound needs to be healed and this aspect gives you the opportunity to do so if you take advantage of it. 

Sometimes, it's as simple as forgiving yourself. I often iclude the Forgiveness Formula in my newsletters when I feel an astrological aspect creates the need for it. I have done so again below. However if you do not know where your "wound" is, I am able to doing a one question reading for you.

On Sunday, lovely Venus moves into lovely Libra and our Starscopers  born between September 22- October 22 are looking extra gorgeous the next few weeks because of this aspect. For all of us, it will help bring harmony and peace to many of our relationships and partnerships. Folks will look to be ore agreeable and reach comprises now. 

Don't foget the Scorpio New Moon on 11/11. Scorpio in my opinion, is the sign of the Manifestor. Set your intention on 11/11's  new moon and if you wish hard enough and long enough and also on the shooting stars, something good is bound to manifest! 

This new moon is not all about beginning something like most new moons reveal. It is also about letting something die out...letting something go so you can create space for something new to manifest. In order for you to get what you truly need and desire, the planets are saying you need to release something first. And remember a few planets are working in harmony together to help you with the process right before the new moon. They'll give you the extra push you need. Plus that Chiron aspect will help you release old karmic hurts and wounds so you can move forward too. If you want to know what area of life you need to release something from on Wednesday's new moon and also get a personal affirmation written for you, you can order a one question reading here and ask What do I need to Release and Draw to Me on 11/11?