Astro News November 2015

The theme this month is about relationships. You will asking yourself if you are getting back what you are giving to others. Many of your relationships whether they be personal or professional are under scrutiny now. You will also be looking for more time, space and energy to do the things you love. You want to rid yourself of things and commitments that only drain your energy or no longer serve a purpose. 

Saturn is now firmly engulfed in the Truth seeker sign of Sagittarius where he will be for over two years. It is very hard to keep a lie secret under the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius. You will see lies and deception being uncovered all around; on the national level and even in your personal life. It will be hard for liars and cheaters to conceal their mistruths! Keep an eye on the dates around the 22nd of November to reveal something interesting.

Our new moon this month is in Scorpio on the 11th. Yes on 11/11 so that is a very karmic date indeed as 11 is a master number in numerology. Watch for signs from your angels on 11/11 at 11:11 too. They are pushing us to let go of something so we can move forward with someone or something new. As I wrote in my weekly National Enquirer column, expect a change in loyalty. Someone you thought you could count on, will change sides or not hold up their end of the bargain. It will be a very revealing period so bless these folks and move on.

Good week appears to be pleasant from many different aspects. You may see blessings come forth and generally just have a little more fun from the 9th onward.