The October 27 Full Moon is the last Supermoon of 2015

A Super Full Moon in Taurus is the third of three Super Full Moons in a row which produce an intense energy today, Tuesday. Supermoons feel more intense than your average full moon and this one may create some pretty heavy emotional energy. After the Cosmic Connections Convention Sunday night, people were exclaiming how beautiful the moon looked. It will also bring a message to many of us as Full Moons often reveal things or bring light to situations.

If any of you are feeling more sensitive to things, sad or hurting, that's because the wounded healer Chiron is in the mix of this cosmic cocktail. The Moon in Taurus focuses on creating some sort of stability and security. We need to feel safe but Chiron stirs up old wounds and hurts, bringing them to the surface so we can eventually work on healing them. With the Scorpio Sun, opposite the full moon in Taurus, we are being pushed out of our comfort zone by someone. Any time the sign of Scorpio comes out to play, it reveals something that is hidden. Secrets come out. So this full moon on Tuesday is kinda like a wake up call in our lives; pushing us in a new direction whether we are ready or not. You will feel more sensitive to things. Look for the Super Moon's personal message. You could find it in many signs and symbols this week. 

Remember I mentioned the good luck and prosperity times we are in now through November 2nd? This is a lovely period to draw wealth or opportunity to you. Push your luck and ask the Universe for things you need and more. Good things come to those of you who ask.

Halloween Forecast 

The days leading up to all Hallow's Eve appear to be intense. The energy is in Scorpio and the Cancer moon on October 31st is one of over indulging. It will be easy to gobble up the Halloween candy and other goodies in one evening. This emotional eating signals the likelihood that Pluto is dredging up some old feelings that need to be released rather than fed with food. Be aware or beware.

But overall, Halloween looks like a friendly spirited one. The moon in Cancer creates a peaceful energy. So whether you are out and about reveling on Saturday night or staying home and passing out candy, it looks like the vibe is a pleasant one for ghosts and goblins.