The Federal Election Day in Canada from an astrological view

Federal Election Day in Canada
October 19, 2015 is a Federal Election Day in Canada. This is my first one and, I am feeling excited and, quite frankly more included, into the mix of Canadian society. It seems to have come in stages. 

So, I decided to train as a Poll Clerk partially for the pay, partially for learning about how the system works. Further down, is some information about Identification and the three ways to prove who you are and have an easy time voting.

Top 10 activities while waiting in a line to vote from an astrological view.

  1. Be grateful. You may vote your choice without guilt. And, the time in line can give you more time to analyze your options.  South Node in 6th house and Virgo planets.
  2. Take a mental break to rejuvenate your brain cells and nervous system. Virgo self-care.
  3. Visualize the result of the vote is a step closer to bringing your vision of an ideal Canada (or world) into reality. Saturn in Sagittarius combined with North Node in 12th house.
  4. Radiate Compassion and Love for your fellow voters in line, then the poll clerks, then the riding, followed by the province, the country, then the continent, and finally the world and beyond. North Node in the 12th House.
  5. Practice Big Patience. Mars/Jupiter in Virgo.
  6. Ponder your priorities and long term hopes and wishes. Virgo planets in the 11th house.
  7. Smile.  7a. Smile directly at someone and try smiling at someone you would not normally smile at. The Sun is still in social Libra!
  8. Reflect on your ancestors and how they came to be on the land that is Canada originally or how you came to Canada. Karmic Axis/Lunar Nodes.
  9. Evoke a feeling about what you want for your life and imagine every day doing something practical toward that goal even if it is a momentary slowdown in a voting line. Jupiter and Virgo planets and North Node in the 12th House.
  10. Breathe. More self-care. Virgo planets.
Now give yourself a big mental hug and let your body relax.