Numerology 2016

Numerology 2016 - Personal Years in 2016

What's My Numerology for 2016?

In a few weeks we will have a shift in energy as we enter 2016. Numerology-wise each year has a master number, an overall theme that influences the entire year. 2016 reduces down to a 9 (2+0+1+6 = 9).

2016 will be a karma year

The term karma means for every action there is a reaction. For everything you put out, you get back. Paybacks can be wonderful or difficult depending on the done deed.
When we break 2016 down numerology wise, we see we have a Number 9 Year.
2  + 0 + 1+ 6 = 9

The Nine Year is about karma.
  • -You can end a bad attitude or habit now
  • -You can stop something negative from happening
  • -You can move away from a bad situation or relationship and replace it with someone better.
Let's say you worked hard and never got a promotion these past several years. No matter how hard you worked, your ship never came in. Well in 2016 you may be rewarded for a job well done and see some major progress! But before that happens, you may be required to let an old job go first so then we one can come in.

The Number 9 Cycle is also about your past coming back....second chances. So I am feeling this year is a year to reconnect with old dreams, goals and lost loves. You can connect with old friends or go back to a former employer. You can resurrect an old dream. Dust it off and try again. Likewise, if something or someone has not been working to your advantage to enhance your life, you will end your association. So, it is truly a new year to disconnect and reconnect. You will get paid back karmically for the good you have done or for the poor decisions you made. Either way, karma is coming to call. You can release alot of things you no longer need in your life to make way for new opportunities!

What's Your Personal Year for 2016?

In addition to the the Number 9 Year being the universal energy for us all, we individually also have a specific number too. Some of you reading this may be in a Number 1 personal year or perhaps a personal year that will bring you love and money. If you would like me to do a reading on your specific personal year you can order a one question reading here and I'll give you an overall view of the theme you will be working with. This reading will show you how to enhance and push your luck and the area where you will receive the most benefits.

The Moon is in the peace loving sign of Libra on New Years Day. The energy pushes us to "balance" our lives as such is a key word for Libra. So remember, Karma is also being balanced this new year. So be sure to balance work and play. Make time for love just as you would for personal goals. Work and Rest. Balance will be the key to the new year in almost everything you do.

Because Libra also represents peace and harmony, it is important that we strive for peace with our world, our country. This will be a main focus too, globally of course. But within our own hearts, we will be looking for peace. Many people I have spoken with are stating their new years resolution is more about finding inner peace than anything else.

So  I wish you all happiness, good health, love and prosperity in the new year, I also wish you the gift of true inner peace. 

Here are the probabilities that the year 2016 has in store for you. For more details to new year 2016 from a numerological perspective visit

Personal Year 1

This is the year you will probably change your way of thinking about some of the situations in your life. You will be seeing things in a different light. You should have cleaned your closets symbolically as well as physically last year.  You have entered into one of the nine-year cycles which mold and shape your life.  There will be new opportunities for new direction, new acquaintances, and new ways of looking at life in general. January 2016 will probably bring extreme highs and lows in your emotions. The lesson here is to learn more about balance. February 2016 should bring more invitations to social gatherings. You will be more noticing of the good in all people and things. Guard your health in March for you will be more susceptible to dis-ease. This is nothing to fret about, just be aware of your surroundings. In April and May 2016 there will be changes in the way you handle family and close associations. June is a time to be quiet and listen to what the universe has to say to you. During July and August 2016 you should fine tune business arrangements and tie up loose ends. In September you will stand alone in some area of your life but you will feel good about this. October and November 2016 bring to you the chance to cooperate and socialize. December 2016 will be a month of hard work.

Personal Year 2 

This year demands that you cooperate with others in order to make difference in the world. Yes, you can make a difference. The actions and thoughts of every person place and thing dictate the condition of the entire planet. We need more understanding, empathy and good deed doers to raise the moral consciousness of the earth as a whole and it begins with you. 

Personal Year 3 

This is a year in which you will have more harmony and a better understanding of why you walked your path in the way you did. You will also have the chance to deal with the issues that you failed to handle three years ago when you were in your Personal Year 9. The lessons never go away until you face them. They merely come back in a different cycle and perhaps a different set of circumstances. You live and you learn and if you don’t do it right, you live it again and again until you learn. 

Personal Year 4 

2016 is a year in which you are setting the groundwork for your future. It is a year of hard work and getting back to the basics of life. While the world outside is gathering up what is left of a chaotic three year period, your personal world is hunkering down in order to set a solid foundation for the grand experience that is coming your way. Finally the bout of indecision is no longer and you are in charge of your own destiny. You always were, but the difference is that you know it now and you can steer your own wheel with the knowledge that you do indeed reap what you sow.

Personal Year 5 

You are entering in to a period where change is necessary in order for you to progress.  There will be new experiences, new  friends and associates, maybe even a new job.  The opportunities are there for you if you have your eyes and ears open. There will be opportunity for travel, adding to your sense of adventure and excitement. Take advantage of this new found freedom to improve your life in new ways.  This does not mean that you dismantle what you have already accomplished.  It just means that you add more passion to your endeavors with a new mental attitude.  In January 2016, you must put extra effort into being more understanding and keeping jealousy at bay. By this I mean to keep your nose out of other people’s business. In February 2016 you search for truth regarding the spiritual part of your mind. March 2016 forces you to deal with abundance in the material plane. Guard against being power hungry for this will make your life more complicated. April 2016 will bring fulfillment and material success if you have helped others along the way. You’ll get the opposite if you were selfish. You may find yourself in a leading role in May and in June 2016 you will likely be successful in dealings with women if you treat them with respect. July August September and October 2016 will be a successful period as long as you work hard and build a sturdy foundation. Slow down a little in November and remember that pomposity will not be tolerated in December 2016.

Personal Year 6 

Business and domestic issues are at the forefront this year. Service is the means in which you attain satisfactory results in every thing you do.  Whether or not you are a family-loving homebody makes no difference. You will be forced to play the part. Your reward will not come this year unless you meet obligations that will surely surface in work and in play.  In family situations, you must be truthful and just, or risk separation and antagonism. Be especially mindful of the children and their emotions, for you are teaching them by your example. Guard your health and be willing to give a little attention to a loved one whose health isn't what it should be. Keep a kind and helpful disposition when you are communicating with others.  Philosophy will be your interest in January. You wonder why in the world things have to happen the way they do. With February 2016 comes obstacles, and money is involved. Your family or close friends may ask that you donate more than you can afford to a worthy cause. Think about it for a while before you write the check. Trust me on this one for it could all be for show. March is the time for you to stop running into the same brick wall and go another route. You cannot control the behavior of others. Don’t you know that by now? In April May and June 2016 you should think about where you are in life and if you don’t like it, make the necessary changes to be your own person. You may be forced to go away for a while. The period including July, August and September 2016 is the time to plan your strategy for the next few months, set new boundaries, and follow through. The last three-month interval in 2006 should leave you with a better understanding of life, a sense of humility, and acceptance of what is.

Personal Year 7 

You can finally hand over the reins and allow someone else to handle a few of the duties that you have shouldered. It’s recess for you at long last. It is a wonderful time to do nothing if your bank balance will allow it. This Personal Year number 7, a sabbatical year, is gladly received, especially after the endless trauma of your last couple of years. You will likely feel more alone than you have in the past even though people are all around you. Embrace this time and use it to communicate with your inner God. There will also be times that you look at the work that you have chosen in this life path and wonder if you can actually handle it. Those moments will pass as quickly as they came. You will definitely be living on a higher plane in your thoughts as well as your deeds. You are in a period of learning about the deeper purpose of your life.  Friends may feel that you are pulling away from them, and maybe you are. There are times when we reach an intersection in life and our interests change. This is one of those times for you. January 2016 will force you to take care of business. It is up to you to decide what you will do in this area of your life so pay no attention to objections by those around you. Only you know what is in your heart. In February 2016 you will be called upon to be the humanitarian.  In serving others, you will serve yourself. March 2016 is a time for starting anew in some area and this could be career related. April, May and June give you the opportunity to see old things and relationships in a new light and to re-kindle an association that can bring new structure into your world. The July, August and September 2016 period calls for change, responsibility and patience, in that order. The rest of the year is a repeat of January, February and March 2016, with more authority on your part.

Personal Year 8

This is a year to invest in business and to pursue financial endeavors.  It could be a big money year for you.  Although chances may be plentiful for business dealings and success in these ventures, be aware that much money may leave your possession also. You are in your harvest year and you will reap what you have sown for the past seven years.  Be on the lookout for opportunities that can bring prosperity throughout the year.  The year two thousand and one can be a good period for buying and selling anything, including real estate.  Don't hesitate to seek the counsel of an expert before making a final decision affecting your pocketbook. Family members may need your attention.  Help them by teaching them new ways to help themselves. January 2016 is the time to end all unnecessary ties with those in your life who are making you uncomfortable. February 2016 marks a time for new beginnings mentally, physically, and emotionally. March 2016 brings with it a personal revelation and a new understanding of the spiritual part of you. During April, May and June 2016, you should mingle more with your business buddies in order to know them better. During the third quarter of 2006, you will have the chance to strengthen relationships by understanding people for what they are. The last three months of the year 2016 will give you the opportunity to end things that need ending, start new projects, and balance out your life.

Personal Year 9 

The key word this year is finish—close---end---terminate. You have entered into the last year of a nine year cycle and getting ready for next years new beginnings by ridding yourself of any thing, person or situation that is no longer needed in your life.  There are many situations and relationships that are no longer comfortable for you.  They have simply outlived their usefulness to you.  You can no longer hold on to someone or something that needs freedom. Do your best to be understanding and tolerant. It is very important to tie up loose ends and finish any project that you have on the back burner. It is extremely necessary to address any unresolved issues in relationships, because these things will come back unless you put closure to them.  Others can learn kindness and compassion by the way you live your life.  January 2016 may allow you to take a step forward and show your ability to lead. Cooperation in working with others is very important to you in February.  March 2016 will be a good time to deal with the public. You may also cultivate a new and lasting friendship. In April, May and June 2016 you must be completely honest with those around you in order to find the freedom you need to devote time to the things that are important to you. During the third quarter of the year you will probably be in the mood to explore mysteries, attend to business and give to those less fortunate than you are. The last three months of 2006 will give you the opportunity to embark upon a new path using a new partnership that brings more harmony into your life.