Astro News September 18, 2015

Couple Kissing
It's been a tough few days but things may get a little easier over the weekend. You may have had to say goodbye to a few people today or yesterday. People are exiting the earth plane. Break ups and friendships are fading. Lots of inner frustrations for everyone. Planets changing signs, moving forward and backwards, eclipse energy. Breathe! It will be okay. Breathe!

Saturn finally moves out of Scorpio and back into Sagittarius after a 6 month visit in the first half of 2015) where he will stay for the next 2.4 years

Mercury also went retrograde Thursday in the sign of partnerships, Libra. So we all will be reviewing our relationships as well as our commitments and communications with others.

I decided to write to include some Goddess aspects in this week's Astro news.
Juno in Libra now is bringing even more focus to relationships and commitments. We may have to let someone or something go so we can allow ourselves to grow. You will feel very adamant about furthering your spiritual growth. The steps you take to do this and to evolve into who you are supposed to be are BIG. And you will be rewarded for the choices you make as long as they help you evolve.

More relationship stuff comes on Saturday too when Juno aspects the karmic North Node in Libra. This is a period of FATE AND DESTINY! Huge things can take place now in partnerships, love and romance. This wave of karmic energy is encompassing the world, bringing people together that should be together and destroying the relationships that are not supposed to continue. Some of you will be meeting a soul mate during the next several weeks. Other folks will be taking a relationship to the next level. And still, some of you may say goodbye to partners that are not part of your personal spiritual evolution. What is over must be released so you can proceed in the best direction for your highest good. So many of my clients are going through this now.

Ask yourself this question: Is this work place, this situation, this person.... holding me back or helping me reach my highest potential?  

You have a karmic choice to make about the obligations and commitments you have in place now.
Pretty big stuff sandwiched in-between all of the other astrological energies, wouldn't ya say?

Over the weekend, the moon is in Sagittarius and makes a pleasant connection to three planets so have some fun! With Jupiter opposing Neptune you'll have some cool dreams with important messages.