When are we done?

the root of the problem
The moon is transiting my 6th house, and the question on my mind today is when are we ever done? With a natal moon in capricorn, i like to know when i'm done. I don't like residual, dilly dallying, ambiguous crap hanging over me. With a natal moon in my 1st house, I like completion that allows me to advance to the next level. I associate the 1st house with a type of completion that is nothing like the 12th house, which is to me an end of the line kind of completion. 1st house moon in capricorn wants to get this show on the road. to take care of business. 

I'm talking about learning how to count. to read. to tie your own shoes. to wipe your own ass, too, for that matter. You can learn to light matches and burn shit down in another house. the 1st house? Let's endeavour for the completion required to take step two: the 2nd house gain. 

After reading moonpluto's post on chiron today, i was reminded yet again that with moon trine chiron, my feelings are exceptionally free flowing. especially the painful ones. This became all the more apparent last night when one of my sisters told me that she had no idea what her feelings were. I never talk about my feelings, she said. I was very careful in my response. she talks to me all the time about her feelings! She has moon/mercury conjunct in gemini, in her 8th house. the conjunction squares her natal mars in pisces. she is blind to her own feelings. 

She told me she had an anger management problem. I am so angry. I don't know how to be angry without it consuming all of my energy. It drains me. I don't want to talk about my childhood. I don't want to live in the past. i am angry all the goddamn time...

I told her that she needed to figure out what anger belongs to her. you are too angry to have all of that belonging to you. part of the reason you're angry is precisely because it isn't yours. Get rid of what's not yours and then think about how you are going to progress. 

How the hell can i do that? She asked. that's impossible. 

I don't think it is, and told her so. Learning what isn't yours is a teachable skill. it's like tracking down a bad smell in the house. With enough work, you will find the root of the problem and when you do, you are entitled to pull that root right out of the foundation it has attached itself to.

Chiron conjunct IC. This is what i do: find the root, and pull it out. over and over and over again.