The Capricorn Full Moon

The July 14-15 Full Moon in Capricorn looks relatively benign, after three consecutive eclipses catalyzing major endings and new beginnings. As lord/ruler of the Full Moon, Saturn, is still the most dignified planet in the heavens- we are called to address imbalances in our relationships, even as we deal with the powerful transpersonal forces instigating massive change in the world.

Capricorn likes to keep it's eye on the prize and work ambitiously to achieve long term goals. While the Sun in Cancer tends to highlight the home, family, security, and tribal affiliations. This Full Moon is therefore a point in time when our awareness of the polarity between the outer and inner life is most acute. If we're too focused on work and getting ahead, our personal life might suffer- or personal matters can spill over into the professional area and cause problems.

Mercury, the messenger, is directly on the potent Uranus/Pluto(midpoint), that's highly sensitve now, with those planets moving slowly into their epoch shaping square. The Ascendant of Japan's March 11 earthquake that generated a tsunami which knocked out the cooling system at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, triggered this crucial midpoint(20 Aquarius).

Reinhold Ebertin describes the Uranus/Pluto principle as, "The process of transformation. The collapse of the old order of things, the construction of the new. Revolution." And regarding the planetary picture Mercury = Uranus/Pluto he says, "An intense thought-activity, a restless mind, an indefatigable worker, creative activity, an inventive and resourceful person. The constant occupation with new things and plans."

If one has a personal planet or angle at 20 Taurus, 20 Leo, 20 Scorpio, or 20 Aquarius- that natal point is subject to profound change and/or sudden upheavals. But try to remember the wisdom of the I Ching(Chinese Book of Changes), "If one understands the laws of change, one has greater control over one's destiny."