Cancer Ingress of the Sun

Cancer Ingress of the Sun
The 2011 Cancer ingress/Summer Solstice chart reflects prospective world events for the duration of the summer season. This mundane map appears especially dramatic at the US capital with the cardinal grand cross between the Sun(0 Cancer), Saturn(11 Libra), Uranus(4 Aries), and Pluto(6 Capricorn) on the local angles and poised for dynamic action under tremendous pressure. The July 1 solar eclipse at 9 Cancer, aligns with these three planets even more tightly.

The collective stress keeps building with a host of major issues on the table pressing for an immediate response, while the politicians play politics and the Goldman Saks of the world rake in more dough, as the economic outlook gets bleaker for the rest of us, and revelations of grave developments already transpired at Fukushima slowly but continuously leak out.

NOAA has predicted an active hurricane season in the Atlantic, and the Cancer ingress suggests a destructive one for the US, with Pluto spot on the ingress 4th house cusp, and Uranus shaking things up in unexpected and shocking ways. As these planets were in similar positions at the Aries ingress/Vernal Equinox, before killer tornadoes slammed the south and epic flooding of the Mississippi river wreaked havoc- we should expect a relatively wild hurricane season this year. The slumping housing market will likely remain under renovation, as Pluto on the 4th house cusp of a mundane chart also reflects the condition of local real estate. 

Syria and Spain

The violence in Syria will intensify(Pluto on the Cancer ingress Ascendant), as the people's uprising there is meeting with a cruel response from embattled President Assad and his regime. While in Spain, the rising revolutionary wave is likely to pick up energy and lead to more forceful clashes as well(ingress Mars setting in Madrid).

The Cancer ingress midpoint complex: Sun = Pluto/Node, suggests "the urge to impose one's will upon others with ruthlessness and vice versa." ~(Reinhold Ebertin) Power hungry world leaders(Sun)- especially those facing threats of removal, will tend to act out this midpoint complex, and the common people under duress will try to resist control and overthrow repressive conditions even more vehemently.