May 5th New Moon In Taurus

May 5th hosts a New moon in the sign of Taurus. Ruled by Venus, Taurus represents our connection to the earth. Taurus is happy as long as it has enough money, good relationships and isn’t threatened. One way to look at this New moon is as the opportunity to reassess your finances. And in some ways this makes sense. Not to give in to the media’s “recession” paranoia, but a good financial tune up is always in order. However, I believe this new moon is about more than just finances.

On May 5th the New Moon in Taurus is conjunct (or right beside) the Sun (Ego/I am) and Venus (love/social relationships). The Moon rules emotions, and since it is in Taurus an earth bound sign, I feel we are asked to examine what we love, and are attached to. These attachments and emotions shape our reality. So if you don’t like what you’ve been feeling or experiencing here is your chance to work for change. The Full Moon in Scorpio later this month will help you shed all you need to and move forward with a new vision.

As if there wasn’t enough encouragement to examine your attachments, Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn combine with the New Moon in Taurus to complete a grand trine. A grand trine is when three planets are 120 degrees apart forming a triangle. Please note that all signs mentioned (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are all earth signs and represent different octaves of one another. Taurus as previously mentioned is physical and governs our relationship to the Earth. It is fertile, dependable, and stable. Taurus makes sure our physical needs are met. Virgo is about service, healing and perfection. It’s Virgo that takes us beyond our physical needs into a mental realm where we improve ourselves, healing society at large. Capricorn is a leader. It is hard working, ambitious and very wise. It’s Capricorn that deeply understands material reality and takes responsibility for this knowledge (usually as a leader).

Saturn in Virgo in is about facing the reality of  whatever or whoever you are committed to. Examine where your energy goes! Saturn moves you forward to a more honest, clear self expression; while Virgo will help you perfect that expression down to the most inane detail. Society is healed when we all express fully honestly and completely. Ignoring our innate, divine expression poisons us all. Pluto in Capricorn deeply transforms what we give our power to. Pluto is all about death and rebirth. It’s Pluto that causes us to dig deep and stays with us until all that caused us pain and suffering is expunged from consciousness. Capricorn is a wise responsible hard worker that ends up as the boss from all his hard work. Thus Pluto in Capricorn will help you understand what you’re working for and why. Pluto in Capricorn will help you realign your priorities in a deeply, lasting and meaningful way.

Even though realignment is challenging (did I mention that Taurus doesn't really like work?), the planets mentioned above form a Trine. Trines are harmonious, meaning rearranging your material commitments and attachments will feel natural and easy. It won't be too stressful. 

In conclusion: Look at what you give your energy to. Examine your thoughts, possessions, attachments and notice where your power (energy and money) goes. If you don’t like what you see now is the time to make plans to change it. You may resist this. Taurus is not known for enjoying change. In fact Taurus put the “S” in stubborn, but May 19th’s Full Moon in Scorpio demands transformation. And telling Scorpio no is not always a good thing.