Zodiac Signs

What Is My Astrological Sign?

When you ask the question “What is my astrological sign?” Most of the time you mean your Sun sign. Your Sun sign is the sign that the position of the sun was in at the time of your birth. If an astrologer was to answer the same question “What is my astrological sign?” They would say all 12-zodiac signs affect your Sun sign.

To start of with in order to answer the question “What is my astrological sign you need to know your month, date and year of birth as well the time. This starts the process to creating an astrology chart. Most people know their Sun sign /Star sign. This is the Sign that the Sun was in at their time of birth. When we look at generic horoscopes we see our Sun/Star reading. But there are eleven other astrological components on a chart wheel that make up who we are. They are called astrological houses or houses of the zodiac. If you were to think of a pie then these are twelve equal parts that make up a whole pie.

Once you know your time and date of birth then, which gives you your Sun sign, you can still ask “What is my astrological sign” to get the further details related to your Sun sign. The next component would be your Rising or Ascending Sign. This is the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This is why you need to know the exact time of your birth so you can accurately determine the Rising Sign. On the astrology chart the Rising Sign is Located at the cusp of the first house or if compared to a clock at the nine o’clock position. The rising sign can influence who we are almost as important as our Sun and Moon signs. Your Sun sign is your essence. Your rising sign is the face the world sees. Your moon sign is your heart. You need to know the time of birth for this as well.

Each of the 12 houses governs a particular aspect of your life and personality. Depending on the planet and sign in a particular zodiac house will affect us either positively or negatively. The planet mercury rules communication, locating where it is in your chart will determine how you communicate and express your self. The placement of Venus will tell you how you express love and how you deal in intimate relationships. Mars is the planet that shows that part of your personality that drives towards goals. Depending on which house it is in can determine your level of assertion in your life and what you fight for. Jupiter the benevolent planet shows your values and philosophy and depending on the location how prevalent these aspects are in your life. Saturn is a disciplinarian. It lets you know the restrictions you feel are in you way and also give you your karmic lesson. Saturn can be very harsh depending on where it is located in your chart. Uranus is about your higher consciousness, and your sense of freedom. Depending on where is lays can represent how innovate and original you are. Neptune deals with your higher ideals and spiritual aspirations and depending on its location who it manifests. Pluto shows us how compulsive or the dark side of our personalities depending on the house it resides in determines where you will make the most major changes in your life.

There are many astrological components that make up a persons sign. Each part reflects a different aspect that makes a person what they are. It also goes beyond the person and shows the kind of life they have had, and will have based on the planetary influences at the time of their coming into the world. A good astrologer will also give you the karmic implications based on your chart. When you understand your karma debts and blessings you can gauge where you can make things better in this life for yourself and those you touch.

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